3 Best Probiotic Supplements

by admin on March 12, 2014

Probiotics have been known for quite a while as an aid to the entire digestive system. However, taking enough probiotics from the foods you consume can be very difficult. Even yogurt, the type of food that is considered to have the largest number of probiotic cells is still not enough and that is mainly because most of these cells die even before they actually reach the intestines. Under these circumstances, most of you out there will need the help of probiotic supplements but making the choice of which ones to take can be quite difficult, especially since there are lots of products on the market at the moment. Detailed here are the three best probiotic supplements on the market today for your easy reference.

No. 3 Bowtrol Probiotic

These supplements follow the same basic principle as the other ones described here and the main difference is the fact that they are centered on the ingredient called “Lactospore”. This ingredient is considered to be one of the most important probiotics out there and it does help the digestive system a lot. Furthermore, Bowtrol Probiotic contains a lot of probiotic cells (5 times more than yogurt) and it is considered to be quite resistant against the stomach acid. However, since it does not have an actual “defense” system (other than Lactospore – which is considered to be acid-resistant) it may not prove as efficient as other products out there.

No. 2 Biotrust Probiotics Pro-X10

Biotrust is a company that has a bit more experience on the probiotics market than the Natural Goal ones, but that does not mean it is better. Pro-X10 works on the same basic principles are the product mentioned before, but its central ingredient is not Bacillus Coagulans, but Actazine, an ingredient that is found naturally in the kiwi fruit. This ingredient is meant to help the digestive system the way probiotics usually do and it helps with the repair of the intestines that may have been damaged due to consumption of gluten products.

When it comes to the protection these supplements have against stomach acid, you should know that unlike the previously mentioned supplements, their protection is not necessarily based on their formula, but on their encapsulation method. Since this is only a surface method of protection, it may not prove as efficient as the Natural Goals’ one. Furthermore, these supplements are more expensive than the previously mentioned ones, which may be a disadvantage to some of you out there.

No. 1 Natural Goal Probiotic Ultra Blend

Natural Goal is not necessarily very old on this market, but in a very short time span (nearly one year), it has managed to gain everyone’s interest with its great products, including the Probiotic Ultra Blend. Although the company deals with multiple other products focusing on various types of medical conditions (including menopause, for example), the probiotic supplements are definitely among their most popular products.

These supplements are great because they balance out perfectly the amount of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestines, which in itself leads to a much better functioning digestive system. Based on a complex that includes Bacillus Coagulans and on a special “NutraFlora” formula, these probiotic supplements are meant to reduce bloating, gases, improve the irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, increase your immunity and your energy levels and bring back your general state of health and well-being.

Furthermore, what is even more important about the special formula inside these supplements is the fact that it has been created in such a way as to actually resist the acid in the human stomach, which may be one of the primary causes many of the probiotic supplements out there are not as effective as they could have been. Also, these supplements do not need refrigeration as other probiotic treatments do, which makes them right even for those of you who usually travel more.

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For a great quality-price balance, you could go for Natural Goal. Efficient in fighting the stomach’s acid and great when it comes to its ingredients, the probiotics offered by this company can be excellent. Your entire body will thank you for having offered it with the chance of being healthier and more energized and Probiotics Ultra Blend can be part of this change.


With the very wide variety of supplements out there that claim to contain probiotics, choosing the best can be quite confusing. If Natural Goal Probiotic Ultra Blend is what you are searching for at the moment, then read on and find out more about what it is, how it works and what people think about it.

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The benefits of the probiotic supplements have been made known for quite a while now, but the truth is that with so many products out there, it may be actually difficult to find the one that will be efficient and suitable for you at the same time. Biotrust Probiotics is one of the most popular such supplements and if you want to learn more about whether or not this product works, you should definitely read on.

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Every part of your body has its own role, from the tip of your toes to the tip of your hairs and there is nothing in the human body not to have an actual purpose. Even more, everything is inter-connected and an issue in one part of the body can be the underlying cause for other medical problems as well. If you want to learn more about your digestive system, Probiotic Acidophilus and the relationship between them, you should definitely read on.

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If you are like most of the people out there, then you acknowledge at least the fact that your health is more important than anything else out there. This means that you will want to do anything to keep your entire body health and functional. Believe it or not, an ill-functional digestive system can be the underlying cause of many symptoms you may have.

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