About ProBioticSpecialist (PBS)


It’s not just the GUT anymore!

It’s the whole body and its metabolisms are now being boost and protect by these ever “friendly” and ever “Good” Bacteria! The PROBIOTICS!

My Goal

Friend, through this site, I’ll be your guide to the this new revolution in the health care management. I’ll re-introduce to you the old news about probiotics. But now in brand new concepts and newer innovative probiotic-derived products which are proven and safe to all.

I’ll tell you which probiotics are best suited for your health care conditions. All probiotic products presented here are guaranteed safe and personally tested and used to give you the wonderful stories regarding the effects of probiotics in our bodies and in our lives. So that you can try it and feel the brand new YOU.


“Life is Probiotics!”

Your friend in health,



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