My “Itchy” Story

I itch a lot!!!


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I have strong family history of allergy, asthma and eczema. I experienced to have itchy skin when I was in early twenties after I took a bath I started to itch all over my body as I noticed lots or scratch markings all over my skin (dermatographism). After few minutes to an hour the itchiness disappeared and I was back to normal. I could still recall taking antihistamine (Cetirizine) almost everyday just to relieve the itchiness and rashes. It took me almost a year to finally stop taking cetrizine. This was the time when I was in my mid thirties that I learned about probiotic supplement to treat Atopic Dermatitis (AD). I tried OMX Probiotics for one year and I was so happy. My allergy was completely resolved.
I stopped my OMX probiotics about two years and I had no recurrences of allergy. I thought I was already “cured” to my atopic dermatitis. Until one year ago I started to feel itchiness again but this time was specifically on my palms. It was so itchy, red and there were small blisters. Once those blisters erupted they would be very painful and started to become very dry and flaky. This condition is called Dyshidrotic or Pompholyx Eczema.

I tried to resume OMX probiotics but this time it didn’t work. This resulted to the use of steroid-based cream or ointment that made my finger creases to disappear and thus made my palm skin thinner and easy to break and crack. I stopped using those medium to high potent steroids and searched probiotic skin spray and I started using LiviaOne Topical Probiotic Spray. For almost one month now my usual eczema regimen is to first remove stress in my life. Start morning prayers. Then I wash my hands with high moisturizing anti-eczema soap the Shea Moisture Black African Soap. After washing, I spray my hands with LiviaOne Probiotic Spray and let my hands dry for about 5 minutes and I do it in the morning and evening. Lastly I apply them with Aveeno Eczema Therapy or other moisturizing agents of your choice, in the morning  and in the evening and as needed . I personally love donning dry hand gloves in the evening for better skin absorption and prevent my hands from drying out quickly.

Before I start my probiotic-based eczema treatment, I use first a dermatologically tested Healing Body Balm to immediately relieve the soreness, blisters and inflammation. I use this for break outs of my eczema. I apply as needed for 2-3 times a day until soreness and blisters disappear, but not to use more than 1 week. Once I see that my blisters and soreness are gone, I immediately go back to my eczema regimen. You will notice that the  break out will recur infrequently and sometimes free for more than a month.

I still continue to take probiotic capsules but as per experts’ recommendation of 20-50 millions CFU per day, I take Probiotic 40 Billion to help my gut and gives added benefits on my skin health care.

So far so good… I will give you my feedback and review again to this eczema regimen.

Till next time!

Life is probiotics!

Your friend in health,


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