Mood Boosting Probiotics!



Mood and Depression are part of the so called Gut-Brain-Axis.  It means that our gut plays an important role in mood regulation thereby prevent depressions.

Probiotics exhibit anxiolytic and therapeutic effects conducive to psychological health.

  • ANXIETY AND MOOD ISSUES are not all in your head. But they could be in your gut. 30 BILLION CFU with the BEST strains for MOOD and DIGESTION make it a HIGH POTENCY probiotic… offering digestive, immune, and mental support. 


  • PREBIOTIC GOS. The ONLY prebiotic studied to help with anxiety. Prebiotic feeds the good bacteria in your gut for a healthy micro-biome.


  • TARGETED “FEEL GOOD” STRAINS. Including Bifidobacterium Infantis and Bifidobacterium Longum. The TOP preforming bacterial strains to help with mood support and anxiety relief.

INTRODUCING….. Lifted Mood Boosting Probiotic!

At LIFTED, we believe in beneficial side-effects.

Recent studies have proven that adding beneficial bacteria to the gut can reduce anxiety and stress in the body.

We’ve included the best bacterial strains to help with mood and the body’s stress response.

We created LIFTED because we believed there had to be a better way.

Many mainstream medicines cause side-effects, which require more and more mainstream medicines! Something isn’t right with that model!

Over the last decade, research has surfaced, showcasing the connection between gut health and many immune issues including: allergies, eczema, asthma, and more.

We wanted to create a high quality probiotic with strains targeted for digestive health and immune health, but also MENTAL health.

Our probiotics are NOT enteric coated.

On purpose. Enteric coating adds extra ingredients that are not necessarily required and the heating process of enteric coating can potentially damage the good bacteria.

If you want our probiotic to survive stomach acidity and work at it’s best, take it with food. That’s it!

We’ve included a POWERFUL prebiotic to help you feel better.

Our blend is especially potent with our PREBIOTIC, GOS– the the ONLY prebiotic that’s been proven to help with anxiety.

Our Mood Boosting Probiotic includes 9 of the most HEAVILY researched bacterial strains that have been documented to help with mood and wellbeing.

Feel better, NATURALLY, with our Mood Boosting Probiotic!

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