Probiotics: Promote ENT Immune Health

Introducing the Oral Probiotics in dissolvable  tablets!

“Good Digestion Starts in the Mouth!

This probiotics supplement for men, women, and kids contains BLIS K12 to help prevent Streptococcus and other ear and oral infections

Use regularly these health probiotics with Streptococcus salivarius K12 help fortify your immune system and reduce the need for antibiotics.

Improve your oral health by minimizing the risk of strep throat and ear and nose infections by balancing your oral probiotics with MARS Wellness

The Mars Oral Probiotic with BLIS K12 boosts oral health and immunity and has been clinically proven to protect against recurrent strep throat. Early studies also show that BLIS K12 can reduce recurrence of ear and throat infections caused by other bacteria and viruses. BLIS K12 is pediatrician recommended and approved.

Advanced CFU Formulation – These MARS Wellness natural probiotics contain four ( 4 ) billion CFUs of Bliss K12 for premier health support.

Long-Term Protection – Add our probiotics supplement to your daily vitamin regimen after a strep throat infection and help minimize recurrence.

American-Made Purity – Every bottle of gluten-free MARS Wellness Oral Probiotic is crafted in a GMP-certified facility and is completely kosher and vegan friendly.


Fight Recurrent Strep Throat

If you or your children regularly suffer from ears, nose, and throat problems brought on by strep or other infections, you might need to balance your oral flora needs with MARS Wellness Oral Probiotic; a premier probiotic designed to enhance your natural immunities and reduce the risk of serious ENT infections

BLIS K12 is pediatrician recommended and approved. Fortified with BLIS K12, scientists have discovered that by adding this unique supplement to your daily oral routine can help protect against recurrent strep throat as well as other infections.

Fight Bad Breath

Our patented formula helps to destroy bad breath bacteria so the good kind can create a healthy mouth environment, providing halitosis treatment. Bad breath pills only cover the symptoms, not cure them.

For complete oral care!

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